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24 hour support

In addition to Prestige’s special service, when renting a car Prestige’s support team will be with you with 24 Hours support services and satellite observations. We will also provide you with another car if necessary.
The support team of Prestige Company will be ready to answer you at any hour of the day or night. You can contact the support team in different ways, such as calling directly on 00905431753751, through WhatsApp or other communication methods, or extend your car rental period.

What is a car rental deposit?

A deposit is a amount that you provide to the car rental company as a guarantee to pay possible expenses. These costs can include guidance fines, road and traffic tolls, possible minor damages, and finally a guarantee to return the car.
If you return the rented car during office hours, this amount will be returned to your account immediately, but if you return the car outside office hours, it will be returned to you after 24 hours; Because the accounting department of the company does not operate 24 hours a day, and if, for example, you return the car at 11:00 pm , our accounting department is closed, and your deposit will be returned to you the next day during office hours.

Car rental in Istanbul

Car rental for out of city and in the city trips from Prestige Group has no restrictions and travel to the city of your choice. But keep in mind that rental cars have a mileage limit, and if you use more than the limit, you will have to pay an excess fee. One of our suggestions for traveling is renting a van, which you can rent from Prestige Car Group with a driver

Car rental with easy conditions

Renting a car from an experienced car rental company will help you to have the right car for business trips, important meetings, gatherings and family events. Also, in road trips, you usually need a more powerful and safer car, if you don’t have a car at all or you don’t have such a car to travel with, you can rent a suitable car from Switch with easy conditions and go on a trip with ease. Prestige, with a history of more than a decade in the car rental industry, has a diverse fleet of high-quality cars and year models that can be rented with suitable conditions.

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